NEW: Vagina Jones portraits. Photos by Jaya Bludeau.
NEW: Vagina Jones and Dave Sills perform at White Trash in Berlin 3 March 2007. Photos by Stine Knudsen.
NEW: Katherina Tunicata and Vagina Jones duet set at The Jewelbox Theater, Seattle.
The Cabaret Tent at Shambala Festival
Gorilla Juice and Art Fag. Five am after the Barbie Deinhoff's show
Strassen Fest on Mainzerstrasse in front of Tricky Tunes.
No Style Fuckers make a plan of safer streets for kids.
Note the sign "Stop Kids"
Karneval der Vagina at King Kong Klub, Berlin
Noisy Pink Vagina Live at Barbie Deinhoff's, Berlin
Vagina Live
DJing with Ms. Vergnügen in the King Kong Klub Berlin
An ate Vagina Konspiracy foto shoot

Inside Every Bollweavil, There is a Jawharp

Gorilla Juice and Art Fag. Berlin
Vagina with Jackie. Berlin 2003