What's in a name.

I've had a lot of stagenames in the past, Mary Magdelane on a Stretcher, Flying Jesus, King Leah. In 1998 I joined the Church of the Subgenius (if you aren't already familiar with it, it's probably not what you think) and needed a new one. I wanted something that was tough and cool like Cleopatra Jones and something that was feminist, sexy and silly. A friend suggested the name and it fit. I thought it was so perfect as my aim in those days was to make awkwardness sexy and sexy awkward. I wore my underwear over my clothes and used props like a dildo harness with a three headed plastic hypodermic needle, duct tape, giant metal boots, plastic hands and funny hats. I wanted people to say vagina when they saw me and feel strange about what they thought it was before. I'm a woman, so it fits, but what does what I do have anything to do with this organ? Vagina means everything you think it means, but it also has connotations to it I like to explore: sex, blood, birth, pleasure, pain, etc When I do performances on stage or with video I purposely go in unexpected directions, ones that appear to have absolutely nothing to do with it. By doing so I create new meanings and question again and again how I define Vagina. It's not just a hole to pee from or have sex with, it's not just something I protect and pamper and it's not the only thing that makes me a woman. (That said, I don't believe all women have them.) If I am redefining it's connotations, I hope that the audience will do the same.

Viva La Vagina!


"Vagina Jones once taped a cadbury egg to the inside of a sliding door and smashed it. she left it there for a week and called it "art." i have seen Vagina Jones play an organ with her feet while playing the bass, move in slow motion in front of a crowd of confused hipsters, buy ten pounds of margarine at one time, and make cookies while sleeping. she has an amazing voice, is insanely creative, and very endearing."
- Matt Lawton, Jukebox films

"Gilt immer noch als Geheimtipp in der Mitte von Mitte. Angekündigt wird selten mal etwas, das Programm schwankt vom ruhigen DJ-Abend bis zur bizarren Liveperformance. Möglich ist alles, etwa ein Auftritt von "Vagina Jones", die zwischen pinkfarbenen Luftballons hüpfend Frank Sinatra imitiert. Wer das eigentümlich Besondere sucht, ist hier bestens aufgehoben." - Zitty-Kritiken


Now you can listen to Vagina Jones new internet radio show live with special guests and some good 'ol bizzaro music you'll never hear on commercial radio. Every Saturday from 3-5pm Berlin time (thats 6-8am Seattle time and 9-11am NY time) at www.wirelessfm.net Listen in and join the live chat!
Listen to Vagina Jones' radio show any time on www.wtnrradio.com - just click on "Other Shows" and look for "Ear Worms." There is an updated show every Saturday at 6pm

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"Among many things I am an alternative tour guide of the weirder sites in select parts of Europe. Tourist attractions that most tourists or even locals don't know about. Underground clubs literally underground you have to crawl through the grating on the sidewalk to get to, old fishing ships converted into theaters or animation studio/venues queer punk cabaret and trapeze, hydrolic monsters dressed in mumus with their eyes and brains popping out. And some time during the tour we will be live on my internet radio show. If you want to see some underground sites in Europe contact me. I won't take just anyone. You must be respectful and your interests should lie in arts and culture. No money wavers or nationalists. Nothing we do will be expensive and I won't tolerate anyone not being respectful of the locals or city we are in. for more information contact leah@vaginajones.com"